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I've been gone for a long time, so I guess "updates" are in order. =)

I have been back in this big city for over a year.
I spent last year preparing for the licensure exam for architects, and YES I am a licensed architect now.

My first birthday cake as an Architect. <3 p="">

I took the January 25 & 27, 2013 Licensure Examination for Architects (LEA)* and news of my official entry to the "professional world of architects" came on my birthday. That's how much God was showing off!

Oathtaking Day with my proud Tatay and Tito Father.

Let me be all sentimental on those two dates:
PRC released the results of my birthday. 
My oathtaking was on the birthday of one of my closest friend (yes, I am referring to you Engr.Richard Capanzana! ;p).


So allow me to answer the "kumusta" queries through this VERY PERSONAL blog of mine. 
Jump with me through the hoops and grinds of being a newbie architect, and I hope somewhere along my rantings, I will be able to provide you with some (unnecessary) smiles and insights into my life.

This is my avenue for anything I can share online. 
Cheers for more years of writing and social networking!

*while some would refer to the Philippines' board exam for architects as the "Architecture Licensure Exam (ALE)", I spent my entire review season tagging it as LEA. I always kid that the exam was named after me, and thus, there's no way I would fail it. 
Truth was, exams were grueling and I honestly thought there's no way I could have passed it.
Hence, my status on facebook after the exams:


and, I got overwhelming response from people who do love me.

They are the very people whom I was afraid to face and say I failed.
Their reassurances were more than enough to keep me sane while waiting for the results.

My facebook wall was flooded with greetings when the results came out. 
Truly, it was a humbling and lovely day. 
The day I became an architect will be one of those posts I'd be more than willing to share.

For now, this 'preliminary post' will do. :'p